Welcome to I Love Walking!

If you are planning a walking holiday in France, you’ve chosen well. France offers stunning landscapes, quaint villages steeped in history and thousands of kilometres of well-marked walking trails.

If you are having trouble deciding where to walk, Ilovewalking will answer many of the questions likely to influence your decision, such as –

- Where should I start and end my walk and how do I get there?
- What will I see in each village and which ones are worth a rest day?
- Can I get my luggage sent on to the next hotel?
- How can I get to the next village if it’s raining, my legs are sore or I’d really rather spend the morning lingering in a museum or café?

Ilovewalking is a series of electronic guide books, each covering a walk which takes 7 – 10 days. What you’ll find in the guide books and other general advice is explained in the ‘About’ and ‘Choosing a walk’ sections but to whet your appetite, scroll through the book extracts and photo galleries in the ‘Currently available’ and ‘Coming soon’ sections and start daydreaming.

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Happy walking, Melinda